The land surrounding Les Crouquets is the habitat for the abundant wildlife from red squirrels & hedgehogs to the rarely seen wild boar.

An early dawn or twilight visit to our woods may offer an exciting glimpse of a deer, badger or other wildlife which has been a constant source of fascination for our own two children.
(The glow worms, which, after dark, can be seen as tiny bright green beacons among the herbs, are also quite an attraction!)

The wild animals tend to be quite shy however and most sightings will probably be purely by chance.
Les Crouquets is also home to our small group of family animals and birds, which unlike the wildlife, enjoy being seen!

Night is a good herd ~

she brings all creatures home


Biff is a Ouesson sheep, the last of the 3 sheep we inherited when we came to Les Crouquets. She has become Susie's best friend & they are now inseparable. We have no idea how long she has been here for but these last two teeth have now fallen out and we suspect she must be a fairly old lady!
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Susie is our Catalan pyrenees donkey and she joined us in June 2007 when she was 9 months old.
She is undoubtedly the star of Les Crouquets and she knows it! Affectionate and greedy in equal measure she is always ready for attention and plenty of carrots and will bray loudly to get lots of both!
Laphroaig- true to our roots he is named after a fine Scottish malt whisky! He is a labrador cross ( with a big black dog from the village, according to his previous owners!) and was a rescue dog. He has his own large kennel and gets to run around the field with Susie but he doesn't get out in the grounds or around the cottages.You may see him when we take him out for his long early morning walks.
Good golly, Miss Molly!
Miss Molly will often be seen around Les Crouquets,either basking in the sun or frolicking around as if it were her own vast playground.
She's a born hunter and loves stalking through the plants to see what she can find.
Miss Molly
Susie our Catalan Pyrenees donkey
Bibi, Figloo and Fudge

Bibi, Figloo & Fudge are our 3 miniature goats - they maybe small but they can certainly eat! Always curious & full of fun they are our  eco lawnmowers & keep their park well maintained!
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Lolita & Cacherel
Lolita & Cacherel

Two of our laying hens!
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