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The pitch & putt course is available at any time except during times of maintenance.

For safety reasons all children under 12 yrs old must be accompanied by an experienced adult player. If you are a newcomer to golf please do not take young children on to the course.Toddlers and children who are too young to use the clubs properly should not be taken on to the course.

Also for safety reasons only those playing golf are allowed onto the course.

Play only with a maximum of two pitching wedges and one putter.
The holes are short & the use of other clubs and drivers is

Please play the holes from the tees & in the correct order. The course is designed with
safety in mind with no overlapping play and no holes facing the neighbouring cottages.
Never play the course in reverse order.

To avoid damage use of a tee is obligatory.

Allow the people in front enough time to move out of the way before you start to play.
Never stand behind or close to someone who is teeing off.

Please allow approaching cars to pass before playing the holes nearest to the road

The 9th hole is partly hidden from view - please check before play and warn any people
who may not be aware of your presence.


DO NOT tee off from the greens. If your ball lands on a green other than the one intended,
move it on to the fairway and play from there.

DO NOT run or jump on the greens - the grass is easily damaged.

Play only with a putter on the greens and leave the green as soon as you have finished play.

Players must take care not to damage the greens during play, when removing the flags,
by leaning on the clubs or throwing the clubs not in use onto the green.

Please note that anyone entering the pitch & putt course does so at their own risk.
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The pitch & putt course was first created in 2007 and has in that short time faced many challenges including damage from various animals as well as careless play. As a result the greens were all resown in 2008 & 2009.

The course is now well established but the greens especially are easily damaged if not treated with care. Once damage has been done it is often not easily or quickly repaired.

Please remember that although it is a pitch & putt and not a full golf course it is by no means a crazy golf or a children’s playground. Full golf rules apply and for everyone’s safety and enjoyment these must be respected at all times. We reserve the right to restrict or remove access to anyone playing irresponsibly.
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