Christmas & New Year 2016
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Well as they say in that famous song that's another year over ...And what have we done?         Quite a bit actually .... Too much to squeeze into one annual newsletter so here's a condensed version of the year gone by and a quick peek at the one to come!

YET AGAIN it's been too mild for this time of the year so I've added in a few snowy pics from years gone by to inject a bit of festive spirit! Last year we ate Christmas lunch on the terrace which was just plain wrong....
La Tour de Genèbre

It's been another great season for La Tour de Genèbre....fully booked again and a few returnees which is always a delight for us!

The newly installed air conditioning was a godsend in yet another very hot Summer and added another layer of comfort - the locals (including ourselves) however all seem to manage perfectly well by closing up all the shutters to keep the heat out during the day and opening everything up at night to let the air blow through so for the few people who don't like air conditioning you can still keep cool!
Les Crouquets

Well the lead up to the 2016 season certainly was full on! Our Winter was all taken up with new bathrooms, new kitchens and all sorts of painting and decorating ... As usual we finished just in time before the first guests of the year arrived! And after the last guests left, Le Logis and L'Atelier both got new roofs!

This year we celebrated 10 years at Les Crouquets  ( Before and After photos here!) - we have no idea where the time has gone but we do know that every year has been a privilege and 2016 was no exception.

It was a delight to catch up with our regulars again and we really missed those who for one reason or another couldn't be here this year .... Having grown up with some of the families who have been coming to Les Crouquets for several years, even our two teenagers remarked how much they missed the familiar faces .... You may not have been here in person but you were very much here in spirit!!

We also met some truly interesting and lovely families who were here either at Les Crouquets or at La Genèbre for the first time this year and enjoyed many happy hours out at music events, picnics & night markets - several families have already booked for next year and we are looking forward immensely to seeing everyone we know and of course all of the new guests we don't know yet in 2017.
In the Pipeline...

Last year's promised online information folders sadly didn't meet the deadlines due to some ill timed technological melt down...... So they were put on the back burner and are currently awaiting resurrection which I intend to do at the start of the year. We discovered a few excellent restaurants and places worth visiting so I'm looking forward to getting them all updated.

And right now we are the the throes of finishing off the 5th ensuite bedroom with walk-in wardrobe at La Tour de Genèbre and this season guests will have the choice of booking 4 or 5 rooms depending on what they need.

Some upgrades are also planned for some of the cottages at Les Crouquets but all will be revealed in due course ( not too keen on finding myself on the road paved with good intentions ;) ! )
On the Grapevine ...
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Next one should be in the Spring....or maybe the Summer ...and if all else fails we'll see you here next year,same time,same place !
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So that's all for this year.... A very Merry Christmas to you and yours and wishing you all lots of fun and happy times in 2017!!
The Archives...
Summer kitchen with plancha & BBQ
Games room with snooker and darts
cooking on the plancha
outdoor table tennis
We also finished the Summer kitchen which was a huge hit with most people only using the outside plancha to cook , whether it was fried eggs and bacon for breakfast, BBQ for dinner or pancakes for dessert ...The photo on the right was sent in by a guest - his pièce de résistence , grilled duck breast and peaches all à la plancha!
The new games room was also finished in time for the start of the season - it's in a separate building in the grounds which was originally intended to be a 2 bedroomed gite by the previous owners ... It has a full size snooker table and a dart board. We also added outdoor table tennis mid-season which was a surprise for one family who were there at the time!

It looks like it's set to be another busy season and as I write we only have one Summer week left from 16th July!
What's On - 2017?...

Lascaux IV

Lascaux IV , the 4th version of the famous cave discovered in 1940 had its doors opened on 15th December by President François Hollande and promises to be the best and most accurate represention to date. Shamefully, we haven't seen any of the previous ones but we will definitely be visiting here .... It's had some rave reviews from the press who were of course invited for the official opening. When we've been I'll report back via the blog and tell you all about it from a layman's point of view ;) !

Photo credit -
Tour De France

2017 will see Le Tour de France passing through Sarlat and Montignac, both a mere 20/25 minutes from here. We've seen it twice before (once travelling 2 hours when they cycled through Auriac!) and it certainly is spectacular .... Add in all the fancy caravans throwing freebies and all sorts of goodies into the waiting crowds and it makes for a very different day out! It's on 11th July  - La Genèbre is booked but we still have limited availability at Les Crouquets if you plan to coincide your holiday with this world famous event.

tour de france 2011
lots of fun with the caravan
the yellow jersey speeds by
Social Media...

I love a good photo! To me a picture really does paint a thousand words so it was only a matter of time before I caught the Instagram bug ...Yes ok I'm a late developer in these fickle, ever changing technological times and no doubt the younger generation have already moved on to some other all singing all dancing app but for just now I'm enjoying posting my snaps!
Having started out with a separate Facebook page for Les Crouquets and La Tour de Genèbre I have come to realise that the dividing line between them is fairly blurred and most posts are shared or duplicated creating a lot more work and making it a bit less interesting (aka more annoying!) for the people who follow both pages.

So there is one instagram account for both places - most of the photos are relevant to both and are usually in some way linked to the surrounding area but there are also some which are there just because I happen to like them .... So if you would like to see some locally taken photos not necessarily of the swimming pool or the accommodation why not have a quick peek and follow us if you would like to see more....
new roof for L'Atelier
fabulous night out at the White Picnic at Eyrignac Gardens
New shower room for Le Cerisier
A lovely night with all our guests!