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Sorry, we are unable to accept American Express.
A deposit of 30 % of the accommodation cost is required to secure the booking.

Please note that your booking is not guaranteed until the completed booking form is received and the initial deposit has been paid. We advise that the payment should be made within 72 hours of booking.

The balance is due 2 calendar months prior to arrival or if it suits you better you can pay the accommodation balance in full at the time of booking.

Bookings made less than 2 months before arrival are payable in full at the time of booking.

Additional & optional charges may be paid on arrival.
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Credit card

Credit card details may be sent on two separate e-mails. Send the first one with the long card number - once we confirm that this has been permanently deleted from our system,you can then the other with the expiry date and security code, which will then also be permanently deleted from our system.

Alternatively they can be given over the phone.
You can call us any time on 00 33 5 53 59 58 45, although evenings are best or if you let us know when it's convenient, we can call you.

If the deposit paid by credit card the details will also serve as a guarantee for the security deposit and for any cancellation charges applicable after the final balance is due.

Credit card payments may also insure certain aspects of your holiday - please check with your card issuer.

We do not add on any charges for payment by credit card.
International bank transfer

Please ask us for our bank details.

Certain banks can charge very steep fees for international transactions. It may be best to check first if you are thinking of paying this way.


Cheques in Euros may be accepted only if drawn on a French bank.

Cash on arrival

For last minute and off season bookings only, the total amount may be paid in cash ( euros ) on arrival if your reservation is guaranteed by valid credit card details at the time of booking. Usual cancellation policy applies.  

Payment in full

If you prefer to pay in full at the time of booking, the cancellation policy concerning the balance payment will take effect from the date that full payment would have been due (2 calendar months prior to arrival).
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